Best 5 Chat SDK Tools for Android & iOS Apps — Worth Your Attention

If you are here to checkout for the best Chat SDK for web and mobile apps, then you guys must have a good awareness of what this is all about?

Thus, rather than moving with the same flavorless beginning as it’s for any other blog. Let’s have a straight cut view over the variety of real time Chat SDK providers that can grab and boost your business.

Anyhow, you might have a general idea of them but this blog will expose the most out of them when it comes to their origin in the industry, platforms that are with their pricing data, etc.

To start with let’s have a quick view over the recent data metrics.

Data Metrics for the Growth of Chat App Platform

According to a statistical approach it was found that globally the real time communication market by $2.75 billion in 2019. And has been expected to reach $45.91 billion by 2027. All these are possible real time communication capabilities.

As many customers as many queries!”

These quotes state that every customer is in the need for the Best secure messaging SDK App. And with this never-ending thirst they still thrive for the best.

Let’s have a detailed move over some of the top 5 chat SDK providers that really makes them stand out from the crowd.

Check Out for the Best 5 Chat SDK Providers for iOS & Android : It’s Worth Your Time!

1.CONTUS MirrorFly : #1 Real Time Chat SDK for Web and Mobile Platform

Visit Website :
Founded by
: 2008
Platform : iOS, Android, & Web Applications
Price : One -time license cost

CONTUS MirrorFly was established in the year 2008 by the group of CONTUS Companies. Previously, it has made its appearance in the market as “ContusFly” but, later the brand has been renamed as “CONTUS MirrorFly.”

It has started its business with texting application development that parallely gave a chance to build a real time chat SDK for business.

It has stretched over it’s wider wings across voice, video, and messaging applications. Since it is based on the SaaP model it is available at a one time license cost.

The core value of this solution is to act as a connecting bridge between the customers and businesses. Therefore, it has been considered as the best chat SDK iOS.

Features of CONTUS MirrorFly

  • 100% customization with over 150+ exciting features
  • Till date successfully obtaining an unbreakable trust of over 40+ use cases across the world
  • Highly flexible and adaptable that can be integrated into any existing application including iOS, Android, and web applications with ease
  • It provides a perfect mode of hosting infrastructure with an on-premises and on-cloud as per the business needs
  • Considered to be the best chat SDK for cross platform
  • High end of scalability and security with undeniable protocols

“CONTUS MirrorFly has been recognized as the best real time communication API & SDK for mobile and web applications.”

How Much Does it cost?

And CONTUS MirrorFly has a collection of over 150+ features to be chosen from. Well, when you are looking out for the best messaging SDK for iOS & Android app or for any Enterprise Chat Software with a secure end.

Then it’s better to get some exposure from other brands who use CONTUS MirrorFly!

For Example; TrueID, ICICI Bank, Travelsquare, Cellcard, Etisalat, stc, MyGate, and more.

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2 . Sendbird : Complete In-App Chat Platform for Android,iOS Apps

Visit Website :
Founded by
: 2012
Platform : Mobile and Web Applications
Price : Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription )

Sendbird is a leading chat SDK platform for Android & web application which was established in the year 2012 and is well known for real time chat and messaging platforms.

Sendbird has customers in around 150 countries across the globe and they are serving a variety of industries that includes marketplaces, games, e-commerce, and on-demand services.

Features of Sendbird

  • Reliable infrastructure to built on Websocket servers
  • Premium messaging experience Active support is important
  • First chat messaging SDK that officially supports Xamarin
  • Pre-built UI for the major platforms
  • Migration API for customers who use other chat services
  • Adaptable message format ex) JSON, XML

“Sendbird has been noted as a leading chat solution with real time chat and messaging platforms for mobile and web applications.”

How Much Does it cost?

Well, it’s always better to get some exposure from other brands who use Sendbird!

For Example; Servicenow, Delivery Hero, reddit, TELADOC, Hinge, PayPay

3. Pusher : A Leader in Real Time Solution

Visit Website :
Founded by
: 2011
Platform : iOS, Android, & Web Applications
Price : Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Pusher was established in the year 2011 by a group of Pusher Companies. It is usually a developer tools organization that builds collaboration and communication APIs powering applications around the world.

It contributes in creating a scalable instant messaging application for iOS, Android & web application.

It makes the task easier by utilizing its core product, developers, channels with it’s most interactive features.

Features of Pusher

  • it’s codes build a simple path for developers by wrapping up the ChatKit along
  • Provide complete control over the users who have access to a room
  • Provides updates once users change their status as online/offline

“Pusher’s ChatKit has grabbed most of the attention by being adaptable to add chat SDK to any Android and iOS. It allows you to have 1–1 and group chat rooms to your application.”

How Much Does it cost?

Messages per day — 200K
Concurrent Connections — 100
Level of Support -Standard
Monitoring Integration — No
Price — Free

Start Up
Messages per day — 1 Million
Concurrent Connections — 500
Level of Support -Standard
Monitoring Integration — No
Price — $49/month

Messages per day — 4 Million
Concurrent Connections — 2000
Level of Support -Standard
Monitoring Integration — Yes
Price — $99/month

Let’s have an exposure from other brands who use Pusher!

For Example; GitHub, MailChimp, Intercom, The New York Times, ABC, Draft Kings.

4. Twilio: A Communication API Provider

Visit Website :
Founded by
: 2008
Platform : iOS, Android
Price : Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

Twilio was founded in the year 2008 by Twilio group of companies and has grown faster than expected.

Twilio is the popular cloud communication service that permits to make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages by making use of web service APIs.

It has built the foundation with the great investors such as Bessemer, Redpoint, and Union Square.

Moreover, it can easily integrate the phone calls and SMS messages into your applications.

Features of Twilio

  • reached the sky much quicker by making an excellent growth of more than $200 million in the venture funding
  • recently has taken a baby step when it comes to audio and video chat platforms

“Twilio is the best cloud communication service that allows the users to get connected via phone calls by making and receiving calls.

Even the same with sending and receiving text messages using web service APIs.”

How Much Does it cost?

Twilio’s Pricing — All it’s pricing are available in a monthly subscription, you can have a glance over here,

Flexible pricing models
Per-hour pricing $1
Per-month pricing $150

Autopilot pricing
Voice ($0.40 per minute)
Messaging ($0.0001 per message)
Chat ($o.001 per message)

For Example; Uber, Dr+ on Demand, Redfin real estate platform, Lululemon, Zendesk, Twitch, and more

5. PubNub: Real Time In-App Chat Platform

Visit Website :
Founded by
: 2010
Platform : iOS, Android
Price : Free & Paid (Monthly Subscription)

PubNub was founded in the year 2010. PubNub is one of the secure data Stream Network across the world that is much easy to use.

Here, the API allows people from a variety of locations to get connected, measure, manage and scale the real-time in-app chat SDK solution apps and loT devices.

Features of PubNub

  • It is there with more than 70 SDKs for each platform.
  • 250 ms of global data transfer time
  • with high end scalability
  • provides low-latency real-time messaging apps for Android and iOS
  • Messages can be sent easily among two devices in fraction of seconds
  • can build amazing and simple API alongside with SDKs to connect and can scale real-time Team Chat Software on the PubNub DSN or Data Stream Network

“PubNub is a leading secure worldwide Data Stream Network that is much easy to use.”

How Much Does it cost?

Free ($0/month) — can try upto 200 MAU
Starter at $49/month plus MAUs
Pro — contact sales

Support Plans
Free Support (n/a)
Starter Support (the greater of $500/month or 4% of usage bill)
Pro Support (the greater of $1500/month or 6% of usage bill)
Virtual Event Support ($399/month) — (Recommended for all live streaming and entertainment apps)

For Example; SWIGGY, Medx, PELOTON, match,Life360, PLUTO


Coming to the end, this blog has covered almost all the end-to-end points of the most popular chat SDK providers in the current marketplace.

Now, i hope you would have got a better clarity over the entire search criteria as per your needs.

To be frank now it’s up to you to choose for the best among these above mentioned one’s and have your business with flying colors.

All the best!

Richard is Marketing analyst and technical blogger .He contributes to prestigious blogs like DZone, Habr, and can find him on

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